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The Wealth Management Partner Fiduciary Team

integrityThe Wealth Management Partners of MI Registered Fiduciary (RF™) team offers 401(k) retirement plan fiduciary protection and investment advisory consulting services. We are industry experts that serve employer-sponsored retirement plan decision makers with the delivery of prudent consulting services and investment advice that assists them in meeting their fiduciary obligations. Our Mission is to protect our clients, by minimizing fiduciary liability exposure inherent in offering an employer-sponsored retirement program. We also endeavor to enhance the investment performance for participants by keeping plan fees in check, providing sophisticated fiduciary oversight and implementing an investment process that is designed specifically for retirement plans. Our core business is supporting the fiduciary needs of plan sponsors and participants of employer-sponsored retirement plans. It is our only business. It is our passion.

We’re your One Stop-Shopping for Managing Fee Disclosure

We’re your single source for a broad perspective of the obligations, opportunities and threats of ERISA’s Fee Disclosure regulations. We help you with …

Broad Perspective… New and old regulations are woven into a complete picture.

  1. Reflect the point of view of many stakeholders… Participant, Plan Sponsor, Record Keeper, Advisor, TPA, Investment Manager
  2. Ensure full coverage of Plan Sponsor Disclosure (408(b)(2)), Participant Disclosure (404(a)(5)) and Government Disclosure (Schedule C).

Obligations… Requirements for each stakeholder to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the regulations.

  1. Methods and tools to relieve the burdens and cost of complying.
  2. Providing standards that ensure a safe harbor.

Opportunities – Using Fee Disclosure compliance to:

  1. Improve the quality of plan design
  2. Increase participant trust, participation and outcomes
  3. Reduce plan costs

Threats – Assist in dealing with threats of new disclosure and increased enforcement by:

  1. Assessing the true value of a plan to its participants and sponsor.
  2. Assigning value to the intangible aspects of a plan; enhancing the employer benefit.
  3. Identifying the needs and preferences of plan sponsors and participants in plan valuation.
We’re your One-Stop shopping for Decision Support Services

Increased regulatory oversight increases the probability of a regulatory examination and the increased probability of violating a prohibited transaction; the cost of which is determined from retroactive plan expenses.

Our fiduciary services, experience, expertise and research help you to:

  • Make better plan design choices
  • Be compliant and remain compliant
  • Lower plan costs
Attestation of compliance for plan sponsors and covered service providers

We will certify the quality and compliance of covered service providers and their fee disclosures after a successful evaluation. A certification is an independent fiduciary opinion that plan sponsors can use to ensure that their covered service providers are using best practices to comply with new regulations.

Fee Disclosure Experts (FDE)

As Fee Disclosure Experts (FDE) we’re specifically trained, vetted, and qualified to offer the necessary services that plan sponsors need when conducting a prudent process of service provider evaluation as required by the new regulations.

Covered Service Provider (CSP) determination, aggregation and participant reporting

Plan sponsors need to know which service providers are required to make fee disclosures and then report this to their participants! We have the tools necessary to identify and aggregate service provider fees, and the reports necessary to document this to your plan participants – present and past!

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