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The Wealth Management Partners Fiduciary Advantage

Wealth Mangement Partners of MI, LLC is a retirement consulting firm that provides fiduciary retirement services to employer-sponsored retirement plans. We are experts in the delivery of prudent 401(k) plan design and governance procedures designed to assist plan sponsors and fiduciaries in meeting their ERISA obligations.

Litigation and arbitration cases involving breaches of retirement plan fiduciary practices are at an all time high. The additional scrutiny on plan sponsors and fiduciaries coupled with changing retirement fiduciary standards under ERISA and the recently enacted Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill, places unique responsibilities on plan sponsors. Wealth Mangement Partners is strategically positioned to ease this burden and make a tangible impact on both plan fiduciaries and plan participants. The following key deliverables are what makes our service model unique among our peers.

  • Specialization in the employer-sponsored retirement plan marketplace.
  • Experts in ERISA 408(b)(2) service provider reporting, pricing, and fee arrangements for RFP’s, benchmarking, fee reasonableness assessments.
  • We serve in a fiduciary capacity along with our plan sponsor clients and share in the exposure liability under ERISA.
  • We are an independent firm with access to all provider platforms resulting in an unbiased review of available options and investments.
  • Our fiduciary consultants are Certified Fiduciary (CF) designees that are trained to support conformity with international fiduciary standards.
  • We follow proven and prudent plan governance procedures designed to mitigate exposure to fiduciary liability.
  • We provide consistent, easy-to-understand education and investment guidance which resonates with plan participants.


Institutional Quality Investment Advice


While past performance of investments is not indicative of future results, sucess over time is important to retirement investors. Our job is to select mutual funds and / or ETF’s with attributes that we think will make future success more likely. We conduct an in-depth review of fund managers, evaluating them utilizing a proprietary questionnaire as a screening process.

  • Our research follows a strict quantitative and qualitative process when evaluating the universe of mutual funds and ETF’s. Specifically, our analysis emphasizes consistency, style-purity, cost-effectiveness, and predictability.
  • We monitor the investments in the Plan on a quarterly basis to make sure they continue to be appropriate representatives of their asset class and continue to meet the criteria set forth in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • A quarterly monitoring report is provided which documents the Plan’s performance in accordance with your IPS and assisting the Trustee with their fiduciary responsibilities. This report provides invaluable insights in to the nature and structure of the investments on the platform, detailing the investment and risk management processes utilized by our team.
ERISA 3(21) “Help Me” Investment Advisory Services


In the role of a ERISA 3(21) “Help Me” Investment Advisor, we act as a “quarterback” by providing fiduciary counsel and guidance to a plan sponsor over investment decisions; however, ultimate responsibility for making investment decisions continues to reside with the plan sponsor. Specifically we …

  1. Recommend investment election choices to the plan sponsor.
  2. Monitor those investments and suggest replacements as appropriate.
  3. Provide participant education; including one-on-one advice.
  4. Advise the plan sponsor in following a fiduciary process, including the Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

As ERISA 3(21) advisors, we provide plan sponsors with the needed technical knowledge and experience necessary to properly manage their plan investments; while at the same time satisfying their level of investment competency to the DOL.

ERISA 3(38) “Do-it-for-me” Investment Manager Services


In the role of a ERISA 3(38) “Do-it-for-Me” Investment Advisor, we act as co-fiduciaries to the plan sponsor; taking sole discretion and responsibility over the selection, monitoring, and replacement of plan investment options. We relieve the other plan fiduciaries of their responsibilities for the investment manager’s decisions. Specifically we …

  1. Become the de facto investment manager; not a “consultant” who merely “advises,” recommends,” “assists,” or “helps.”
  2. Are the decision-maker with fiduciary discretion and authority to “decide.”
  3. Are the investment manager solely responsible for day-to-day investment decisions.
  4. Do not provide fiduciary relief to a plan sponsor for poor investment decisions made by plan participants; ERISA (404(c)) safe harbor provides this relief.

As ERISA 3(38) investment managers, we provide plan sponsors with relief from the responsibility for the investment manager’s decisions. The plan sponsor retains a residual duty to prudently select the investment manager and make sure he/she is carrying out their appropriate duties.


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